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Striving for Excellence

CEDC associate is a dance training program that strives for excellence, we deliver industry standard instruction to dancers across Shropshire an the UK. We nurture, develop and inspire young dancers, preparing them for full-time training and the professional industry. We encourage our dancers to be courageous in their dancing, inspiring them to reach new levels in their technique, performance and interpretative skills.  CEDC Associates is proud to bring renowned artists and visiting companies across the dance industry to our home studio in Oswestry.  Leading industry choreographers provide our dancers with an innovative and influential approach to dance, creating an extensive array of door opening opportunities for young people.


CEDC associates training program is for young people that show a significant amount of potential and talent within the dance and performing arts industry and who may be considering working within the professional industry.  CEDC Associates enables dances to train alongside other talented children who aspire to a career in dance. Our associate programme is an additional program that should be ran along-side regular dance training with pupils continuing to study with their regular dance teacher. Associates members will also have other opportunity to perform with as part of CEDC and external shows, events and productions.



£25 per month


Free associates hoodie when you register before 5th September 2020.

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